Working Groups

Assobiotec operates through its Working focused on specific issue.

Area Healthcare - red biotech

Chairmen: P. Frega (Celgene); A. Moretti (Assobiotec)

Biopharmaceutical drugs Working Group

The Biopharmaceutical drugs Working Group (WG) is constituted by the associated companies active in the innovation sector of the pharmaceutical field. The Group represents the whole journey of a drug in its entirety: from the first experimental phases to marketing, with the mission of safeguarding the innovation turning into products.
In order to promote the biotech drug development, the Group suggests an intense relationship activity with national and regional institutions and with European bodies. It also interacts and collaborates with business organizations, scientific institutes and patients’ and consumers’ associations.  
Within the WG some working subgroups work ad hoc that exist because of the need to examine the most important subjects in pharmaceutical biotech environment, thus putting shared representative strategies into effect. 

Coordinators: P. Frega (Celgene); A. Moretti (Assobiotec)
Rare diseases and orphan drugs: U. Capolino Perlingieri (Alexion Pharma)
Clinical testing: G. De Crescenzo (Celgene)
Governance: F. Di Marco (Amgen)
Biosimilars and bioequivalence: F. Greco (Abbvie)
Advanced Therapies: M.L. Nolli (NCN Bio)


Biobanking Working Group

The Biobanking WG is constituted by the associated companies active in the sector of umbilical cord stem cells preservation. The WG has several purposes: market regulation, promotion of correct information, sensibilization of Institutions about the subject of Italy-preserved umbilical cords deficiency and the public-private collaboration to optimize the quality of umbilical cord stem cells preservation and donation service.

Secretariats: tbc; R. Fucci (Assobiotec)

Area Agriculture - green biotech

Chairmen: C. Sousa (BASF); A. Moretti (Assobiotec) 

GBE Italy Working Group

The GBE Italy WG is constituted by the associated companies active in the sector of new genetic technologies testing and development, in the firm belief that biotechnology applied to agriculture could bring to sustainable production forms from environmental, social and economic point of views, and that a rigorous respect of current regulation and good scientific practice will be in favor of producers and consumers. The WG effort is to create a favorable environment to the relaunch of innovation in agriculture, necessary to the support of a sector which is modifying its production story on national and international levels. 

Coordinator: C. Sousa (BASF)

Area Bioeconomy - white biotech

Chairmen: G. Gregori (Mater Biotech); M. Bonaccorso (Assobiotec)

Bioeconomy Working Group

The Bioeconomy WG is constituted by the associated companies active in the environmental, agro-food, cosmetic, energetic and biotech-employing industrial processes sectors.
Its aim is to favor the development of the so-called bioeconomy in our Country, i.e. that kind of economy employing biotech resources, derived from land and sea, as well as from wastes, for food, feed, energy and industrial production

G. Gregori (Mater Biotech); M. Bonaccorso

Task Force Food and Cosmetics: E. Sgaravatti (IRB)

Area SMEs

Chairmen: F. Draghi (Genextra) and P. Paracchi (Genenta Science); R. Fucci (Assobiotec) 

Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Working Group

Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises WG is constituted by the associated small and medium-sized enterprises with the purpose of increasing the value of the industrial fabric they are part of, in order to support innovation and technological development. The effort of the WG concerns the improvement of the Italian regulatory framework in matter of public, provate and mixed fundings to enterprises and tax breaks, such as a stable tax credit and the introduction of instruments like the Patent Box. The WG also supports the internationalization of the Italian SMEs and promotes the BioInItaly Investment Forum, a meeting event between SMEs and investitors. 

Coordinators: F. Draghi (Genextra) and P. Paracchi (Genenta Science); R. Fucci (Assobiotec)

International Activity: G. Carenzo (PTP Science Park)

Italian Bioparks Working Group

The Italian Bioparks WG brings together science parks and incubators involved in all fields of application of biotechnology. In collaboration with APSTI, Association of Italian Science Technological Parks.

Coordinators: F. Senatore (Toscana Life Sciences); M. Bonaccorso (Assobiotec)