Industrial sector events

  • Dates: 27 – 28 Sep, 2018

    Italian Forum on Industrial Biotechnology and Bioeconomy (IFIB 2017)


    Italian Forum on Industrial Biotechnology and Bioeconomy (IFIB 2017)
    Rome, 5-6 October 2017

    Venue: Centro Congressi Rospigliosi, via XXIV Maggio 43

    For further information:
    Programme and Registration


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  • Dates: 24 – 30 Sep, 2018

    European Biotech Week 2018


    European Biotech week, an event promoted by EuropaBio for the first time in 2013, will be celebrated across Europe between 24th to 30th September 2018, encouraging the general public to explore the fascinating, vibrant world of biotechnology, which is a key part of our lives.

    The event in Italy is promoted by Assobiotec, the National Association for the Development of Biotechnology, which is part of Federchimica.

    More info:

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  • Milan | Dates: 04 – 05 Apr, 2018

    BioInItaly Investment Forum 2018

    Where Biotech meets Investors. Together with Intesa Sanpaolo Start-Up Initiative

    Assobiotec and Intesa Sanpaolo present the 2018 edition of the StartUp Initiative / BioInItaly Investment Forum, which will take place on April 4-5 in Milan, Sala Convegni Intesa Sanpaolo, Piazza Belgioioso 1. 
    Over the course of the two days, startups selected by a panel of coaches and experts will present their projects to investors, corporations and players of the innovation ecosystem. April 4 will cover Red, Green and White Biotechnologies, while April 5 will focus on Healthcare, Medical Devices, E-Health. 
    Since 2008, BioInItaly is the key investment forum for biotechnology and life sciences innovation in Italy. The 2018 edition is organized in partnership with: Fondazione Filarete, SPRING (Italian Cluster of Green Chemistry), Lazio Innova, Assobiomedica, Novartis Oncology, and Bird & Bird. The event will be in english, with translation to Italian.

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  • Dates: 12 – 18 Oct, 2015

    European Biotech Week

    The European Biotech Week celebrates biotechnology, an innovative and vibrant sector launched by the discovery of the DNA molecule back in 1953.

    This momentous occasion opened the door to a better understanding of the world we live in both for scientists and for society.

    To provide you with an example, DNA triggered crucial discoveries and deeper knowledge on genes, proteins, viruses, bacteria and stem cells.

    Biotech entrepreneurs were able to translate this knowledge into applications for many sectors such as healthcare, agriculture, food, energy, water sanitation and biochemical processing, all of which have changed the world for the better.

    Assobiotec is key in helping to maximize the potential of biotechnology.

    Download the program

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  • Lodi | Dates: 24 – 25 Sep, 2015

    IFIB - Italian Forum on Industrial Biotechnology and Bioeconomy 2015

    The event aims at making a survey of research and industrial projects in the biotechnology field with the goal to strengthen the network in the Euro-Mediterranean area and to promote industry-industry and industry-university partnerships.

    For Registration, Preliminary Programme and other info:

    IFIB 2015 EEN Partnering Event Web Site
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  • Philadelphia | Dates: 15 – 18 Jun, 2015

    BIO International Convention 2015

    For 2015, the BIO International Convention is headed to the heart of the U.S. biopharma industry. In close proximity to New York's financial markets and Washington, D.C.'s regulatory center, the Philadelphia Metropolitan Area is home to more than 1,200 companies, ranging from the biopharma industry's largest multinational companies to its fastest growing firms. 
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  • Dates: 21 – 22 Apr, 2015

    BioInItaly Investment Forum & Intesa Sanpaolo Start-Up Initiative 2015

    BioInItaly Investment Forum & Intesa Sanpaolo Start-Up Initiative is a yearly investment forum open to established biotech and nanobiotech companies, start-ups and projects from Italy but also from other European countries seeking for financial resources. In a unique end-to-end program, the applicants will benefit from coaching, networking and direct contact with international investors through a series of focused events. The initiative is aimed to provide the applicants with the competences, connections and access to potential Investors they need to go to market and scale.

    Agenda BioInItaly Investment Forum 2015
    JOIN US:

    Scientific Committee

    R. Palmisano, coordinatore
    F. Bartucci
    A. Contri
    Intesa Sanpaolo
    A. Mezzotero
    Atlante Ventures
    E. Ongini
    S. Panigone
    F. Sinigaglia
    Anabasis Pharma
    M. Varasi

    M. Bonaccorso, project manager

    Competition Structure

    BioInItaly Investment Forum & Intesa Sanpaolo Start-Up Initiative is designed as a yearlong, three-phase investment arena:

    Phase 1 – Launch

    Participants are invited to submit their ideas and proposals using the specific form downloadable from the web site of Assobiotec ( and Innovhub SSI ( At the end of Phase 1, a maximum of 20 applicants are shortlisted for participating to Phase 2.

    Phase 2 – Boot Camp and Investment Forum

    The selected participants will attend a two-day boot camp session in Milan. The session will allow participants to benefit from extensive training to refine their business plans and craft presentations aimed specifically at the investor arena. This unique program will be run in cooperation with Silicon Valley angel investor network Maverick Angels. At the end of Phase 2 a session of deal line-up will take place in front of a group of investors and the selected finalists will be allowed to move forward in the Investment Forum which will be held in Milan on April 17-18, 2013.

    Phase 3 – International Roadshow

    Following the Investment Forum, some selected participants will be invited to take part in a series of Arena Meetings to be held in London, Frankfurt, Paris, San Francisco and New York during the course of 2013/2014. These unique networking events will provide contestants with the opportunity to pitch to an audience of top investors and receive detailed feedback following each meeting.


    Applicants wishing to take part in this initiative must meet the following requirements:
    •    Contestants must have a company / project that fits within one of the following biotech and nanobiotech categories: health, agriculture, environment, industry, food, bioinformatics, energy
    •    Contestants must indicate their financial need
    Participants of the previous edition will be considered only in presence of a new business plan.

    Selection Criteria

    The proposals submitted by contestants will be judged by a Selection Panel according to the following criteria:

    Strength of Product / Technology

    What are the strengths of the product and its technical standards? Is there a need for the proposed technology and does it offer an effective solution to a problem in the field? Is the product/technology original and disruptive?

    Business Model

    Is the business model clear and sustainable? What is its capacity to monetize and what is the estimated time to market?

    Market Size and Scalability

    What are the size and attractiveness of the target market? Can the proposed technology or solution be deployed at a scale?

    Barriers to Entry and Competitive Advantage

    Is there a clear and sustainable competitive advantage in the proposed solution and are the barriers to entry strong enough to prevent competitors from penetrating the market?


    What is the composition of the team? Is there a balance in terms of knowledge and expertise? What are their strengths and weaknesses? How strong is their overall commitment to the business?


    Is the team’s business plan robust? What is their strategy for growing and financing the company in the medium term (3-5 years)?

    At least 50% of the applicants will be selected considering as necessary condition their operative site in Italy or the intention to open it in Italy.
    The Selection Panel will be composed by experienced and qualified professionals from the biotech and finance world.

    Corbelli Award

    The presentation that will be considered the most effective – according the rating assessment of the BioInItaly Commission and the Selection Panel – will be awarded the Corbelli Prize, consisting in the coverage by Assobiotec and Innovhub SSI of travel and accomodation expenses for one edition of the European road show (Frankfurt, London or Paris).

    Novartis Oncology Award
    It will be assigned to the most promising oncology research project or startup, as evaluated by Novartis Oncology Italy among all applicants. The award will entail a trip to Basel Campus, one of Novartis’ leading worldwide oncology research center, with coverage of travel and accommodation expenses.
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  • Melbourne | Dates: 03 – 04 Dec, 2014

    Australia Biotech Invest

    In the Australia’s largest life science investment showcase it s possible to hear biotech companies present their pipelines, have insightful discussions with industry leaders, meet life science investors and make deals
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  • Lille | Dates: 02 – 03 Dec, 2014

    BioFIT 2014

    A partnering event entirely dedicated to tech transfer and open innovation in the Life Sciences sector. BioFIT attracts over 800 attendees from 30 countries among which top leaders from the pharma and biotech industry, academics and practitioners in technology transfer, intellectual property and licensing. Together, they will share best practices, know-how and will maximize qualified alliances thanks to a cutting-edge partnering system.
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  • Bruxelles | Dates: 01 – 01 Dec, 2014

    Bio-based Plastics – How do we Grow the EU Industry? BIO-TIC Business Case Workshops 2014

    A BIO-TIC business case workshop about growing EU industry through bio-based plastics
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