Come associarsi  Assobiotec

How to join Assobiotec

Companies, in whatever form constituted, operating in the area of biotechnology, with activities in Italy and abroad, or Service companies targeting the area of biotechnology can join the association as Members.
For more information on the application process, please refer to the Articles of Association of Assobiotec.

The membership fee (to be paid in twelfths to be calculated starting from the date of approval of the application by the competent bodies of the Association) is defined based on the sum of three different shares, if applicable, within a maximum of € 26,000.

The shares for the current year are the following:

Fixed share: € 2,100.00
Share related to the number of employees: € 650.00 every 4 employees (up to a maximum of 60 employees)
Share related to the company revenues (with reference to the previous fiscal year):

Up to 20 million € per year: no fee
20 to 40 million € per year: € 3,000.00
40 to 80 million € per year: € 6,000.00
More than 120 million € per year: € 15,000.00

Companies which have not yet joined Federchimica must also pay the relevant membership fee.
In order to broaden its associative basis, thus allowing to a larger number of small and medium-sized R&D companies adequate representation within the association, Assobiotec has adopted a dedicated promotional plan.

To all new members with an annual turnover of less than € 20 million the following discounts shall be applied:
•    75% for the first year
•    50% for the second year
•    25% for the third year
•    Full fee starting from the fourth year

The above discount scheme shall be  accompanied by reductions of the same amount with regard to the membership fees to be paid to Federchimica.

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