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19 gen, 2018

Zalmoxis®: price & reimbursement dossier filed in Germany, where the product can be prescribed and reimbursed as of January 15th
MolMed announced that Dompé farmaceutici S.p.A. Zalmoxis®‘s licensee for Europe, has submitted the AMNOG file for this product to the Federal Joint Committee (Gemeinsamer-Bundesausschuss G-BA). Following filing of the dossier and publication of the price on the Lauer-Taxe® (the official price database for
drugs), as of January 15th Zalmoxis® can be prescribed and reimbursed in Germany at the submitted price of 163,900 EUR per infusion (ex-factory price, VAT excluded). The approved dosage foresees one or more
infusions, up to a maximum of four, till immune-reconstitution is achieved. These conditions are valid for twelve months during which, according to the AMNOG model and as indicated on the G-BA website, the additional benefits of the innovative therapy for patients will be assessed and, on this basis, lead to the final price negotiation. More info:

Prestigious international recognition for Clonit
The Journal of Virological Methods published the first report on the utilization of the rapid and sensitive reverse-transcription-PCR (RT-qPCR) assay for the detection of Ebola Virus developed by Clonit Srl and STMicroelectronics Srl in collaboration with the Italian National Institute for Infectious Diseases L. Spallanzani. Results show overall the test was very easy to use and the instrument was robust and reliable in field-setting. The high sensitivity and specificity of this new assay indicate that it is promising for laboratory diagnosis, especially in resource-limited setting.  

Axxam and Proximagen enter into a strategic collaboration for the discovery of novel molecules against targets for CNS disorders, pain and inflammation
Axxam S.p.A. and Proximagen Ltd. announced a strategic drug discovery collaboration for the identification and optimisation of small molecules as potential therapeutics in the fields of neuroscience, pain and inflammation. Over the course of the collaboration, Axxam and Proximagen scientists will collaborate to identify novel molecules modulating validated and promising biological targets of therapeutic interest for a range of disorders requiring novel therapeutic approaches. Starting from assay development and high throughput screening campaigns, using the Axxam AXXDIV3.0 library, the subsequent hits will be progressed through optimisation at Proximagen. This collaboration is the latest evolution of an existing relationship between the two companies. More info: 

QIAGEN and DiaSorin partner to offer fully automated tuberculosis detection with QuantiFERON-TB Gold Plus available on LIAISON analyzer systems 
QIAGEN N.V. and DiaSorin announced a groundbreaking partnership that plans to add QIAGEN’s QuantiFERON-TB diagnostic test to the menu of DiaSorin’s LIAISON family of fully automated analyzers. This addition will enable customers of both companies to process QuantiFERON-TB Gold Plus (QFT-Plus), the fourth-generation modern gold standard for latent tuberculosis (TB) detection, on LIAISON family platforms. Laboratories using QFT-Plus to safeguard at-risk patients by screening for latent TB infection will have access to a fully automated, flexible workflow on LIAISON family analyzers in addition to the currently available workflow solutions. More than 7,000 LIAISON systems have already placed worldwide, primarily in hospital laboratories. 
More info:

Rewind Therapeutics, founded by Axxam and CD3, focusing on myelin-related diseases, raises €15.2 million in Series A Financing Round
Axxam is proud to announce that Rewind Therapeutics, a Belgian biotech company recently founded by Axxam itself and KU Leuven’s Centre for Drug Design and Discovery (CD3 - Leuven, Belgium), has completed a €15.2 million Series A round that will finance research programs directed towards the development of novel re-myelinating therapies for patients suffering from Multiple Sclerosis and other myelin-related diseases. The round was led by life science investors Boehringer Ingelheim Venture Fund (BIVF), Merck Ventures BV (MV) and Participatiemaatschappij Vlaanderen (PMV), together with CD3 and KU Leuven Gemma Frisius Fonds (GFF). More info: