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25 nov, 2016

Chiesi enhances asthma portfolio with acquisition of Atopix Therapeutics 
Chiesi Farmaceutici Spa announced that it has signed a definitive agreement for the acquisition of Atopix Therapeutics Limited, a UK clinical stage biotechnology company developing novel treatments for asthma. Under the terms of the agreement, Chiesi will acquire all outstanding shares of Atopix, its assets and business for a total amount, inclusive of development, regulatory and commercial milestones, that could exceed €75 million. This acquisition enhances Chiesi’s pipeline in respiratory disorders, particularly in eosinophilic airways diseases. For more information:

KYMOS acquires Italian firm Pharmaprogress
CRO KYMOS Pharma Services has closed a deal to acquire Italian firm Pharmaprogress, located in Ancona with a 700-m² analysis laboratory, staff of 10 and estimated turnover of €1 million for 2017. Pharmaprogress has GMP authorisation from the Italian Medicines Agency. “This acquisition helps us make Italy our main foreign market, followed closely by France, and to speed up the expansion plans we began five years ago to consolidate our place as an important CRO in the European market,” says Joan Puig de Dou, CEO of KYMOS Pharma Services. For more information: 

DiaSorin launches its first molecular test with the new business division, DiaSorin Molecular
DiaSorin (FTSE Italia Mid Cap: DIA) is pleased to announce the launch of the new Clostridium difficile molecular test, available for the market outside the USA. The new assay, developed by DiaSorin Molecular, the new molecular division based in Cypress, CA (previously Focus Diagnostics), has been designed for use on the Liaison MDX, a small bench-top instrument able to provide reliable, clinically validated, real-time PCR results for quantitative, qualitative, multi-analyte and sample-to-answer detection. Carlo Rosa, Chief Executive Officer of DiaSorin Group, commented: “The Clostridium difficile molecular assay developed in our laboratories in Cypress (CA) enlarges our molecular infectious disease product portfolio and confirms the strength of DiaSorin Molecular in the diagnostics field. This launch, which comes only a few months after the acquisition of Focus Diagnostics, also confirms the value of our new division and the good execution of the integration process that will allow DiaSorin Molecular to take an active role in deploying our molecular business expansion strategy.” For more information:

Advanced Accelerator Applications Announces Positive EMA Opinion on Application for SomaKit TOC
AAA today announced that the European Medicines Agency (EMA) has issued a positive opinion on the Marketing Authorization Application for SomaKit TOC 40 µg, a kit for radiopharmaceutical preparation of gallium (Ga 68) edotreotide solution for injection, for Positron Emission Tomography (PET) imaging of somatostatin receptor overexpression in adult patients with confirmed or suspected well-differentiated gastroenteropancreatic neuroendocrine tumors (GEP-NET) for localizing primary tumors and their metastases. The European Commission (EC) decision regarding granting of marketing authorization in all EU countries is expected in the coming months. Once marketing authorization is granted, SomaKit TOC will benefit from 10-year orphan market exclusivity in the European territory.

BIO-ON and ITALERI present results of research and development of Minerv PHA Supertoys Bioplastic in Germany in 2017 
The final phase testing Minerv PHA Supertoys for making scale models has begun, launched by Bio-on in collaboration with Italeri, the leading manufacturer of static models. The results will be presented in February 2017 in Nuremberg, Germany during the "Play and toys fair", the sector's largest and most prestigious event. Testing is applied to specific areas of Italeri's vast offer, such as its toy soldiers (3 cm tall) which require extreme precision. The tests run thus far have been positive and the two companies confirm the goal of producing the world's first scale models made of the special grade Minerv PHA Supertoys, the new type of bioplastic developed by Bio-on's laboratories for the toys of the future. For more information:

Mater-Biotech: inaugurated the world first plant for the production of bio-butanediol from renewable resources
On 30th September 2016, with the international conference “Reconnecting economy and society through innovation - A new bioeconomy infrastructure for the regeneration of local areas”  NOVAMONT officially inaugurated MATER-BIOTECH, its new industrial plant in Bottrighe (Veneto Region).
MATER-BIOTECH is the result of the regeneration of a decommissioned industrial site from a technology developed by Genomatica, U.S. company leader in bioengineering innovation, and NOVAMONT’s unique skills and know-how in developing low-impact manufacturing sites. MATER-BIOTECH is today the world's first dedicated industrial plant that can produce butanediol (1,4 BDO) directly from sugars through fermentation process. For more information: