Tell your biotech story for the Biotech Week

29 May 2019 - As part of European Biotech Week 2019 (23-29 September) there will be a Biotech Fan video contest

As part of European Biotech Week 2019 there will be a Biotech Fan video contest.

Who can participate?

Any student, scientist, researcher or biotech enthusiast living in the EU and who is passionate about communicating the benefits of biotech.

Send a video!

The video can be as creative, serious or funny as you want it to be. The aim is to explain in a maximum of 2 minutes, in the language of your choice, why biotechnology is so important for you and/or everyone else, using any specific example(s) you find appropriate, from any field of application (such as healthcare, industrial or agricultural biotech). For example, show us what kind of incredible things we can achieve with genome editing and explain why you are passionate about biotech. 

What can you win?

As a winner, you will be invited to attend key events and other fun activities centred around biotechnology and the EU during the European Biotech Week (taking place between 23-29 September). During your stay in Brussels, you’ll also be guided through the famous “European Quarter” together with other biotech enthusiasts to meet EU decision makers and influencers and help us illustrate the benefits of biotech. Accommodation and travel for your trip will be provided by EuropaBio.

Why participate?

> Visit Brussels as a guest of EuropaBio and be part of the most exciting biotech events in Europe
> Meet industry professionals, scientists and decision makers active at EU level
< Learn more about biotechnology and policy across multiple sectors (agricultural, industrial, and healthcare)
> Promote your own ideas or research and exchange with other biotech fans.

To participate

It's necessary to send your submission before 15 July to via WeTransfer or tweet it to @biotechweek using #BiotechFan.

Where to find us

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