14 January 2020

Axxam and ZoBio form a strategic alliance integrating their Drug Discovery Services Platforms

Axxam and ZoBio announced a strategic alliance to provide a combination of integrated discovery services spanning all phases from gene to fully optimized leads
16 December 2019

Takis second Biotech in Europe at EIT Health Catapult Final!

NeoMatrix, a neoantigen-based cancer vaccine based on Precision Immunology has been awarded second among the best Biotech companies in Europe. The journey started this summer, when a though selection of 150 companies led to a list of 7 finalists.
06 November 2019

Newron Initiates Outreach on First Global Rett Syndrome Burden of Illness Survey in Collaboration with the Rett Community

The results of the survey will help identify and guide improved intervention programs and services designed to complement the Rett care pathway.
24 October 2019

Intrepida Bio uncloaks with $9.5M and anti-BAG3 cancer programs from Italy

Biouniversa creates a strategic partnership with two important American funds, creating a new company in California
10 October 2019

Cutech has signed a contract to be acquired by Symrise

The purchase will expand the expertise of Symrise in the efficacy testing of cosmetic ingredients and open new opportunities for collaboration with partners from scientific institutions. It will also increase the go-to-market speed for novel active ingredients.
27 September 2019

The Biotech Week from 23 to 29 September

The biotech week is all over the world! Seven days of events, workshops, meetings and debates to tell everyone about biotechnology and its applications, revealing the key role that biotech is increasingly taking in improving the quality of our lives


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