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Assobiotec, the Italian Association for the Development of Biotechnology

Assobiotec, the Italian Association for the Development of Biotechnology, represents approximately 130 companies and science and technology parks operating in healthcare and bioeconomy which includes agriculture, industry and environment. The Association brings together a variety of enterprises and organisations, of different sizes and from different spheres of operation, all of which are strongly united by a propensity for innovation and by their use of biotechnology – a strategic stimulus for development in every industrial field, offering concrete responses to increasingly pressing needs in terms of public health, environmental conservation, food and agriculture.
Established in 1986 as a part of Federchimica, Assobiotec is also a founding member of EuropaBio, the European Association for Bioindustries, and of the ICBA, the International Council of Biotechnology Associations. In Italy, through Federchimica, it is a founding member of ALISEI (the Italian National Cluster of Life Sciences) and of SPRING (the Italian National Cluster of Green Chemistry). It is an ongoing and active participant in the work of the Blue Growth cluster and of CLAN (the Italian National AgriFood Cluster)


To encourage and support biotechnology innovation in order to create value, fostering opportunities for economic and employment growth and for cultural and scientific development in Italy.


We want Italy, a place of excellence in biotechnology research and innovation, to be recognized at the international level as a country in which to invest and do business.

Strategic Objectives

To actively contribute to the delineation and construction of an ‘ecosystem’ which is capable of:

  • promoting the technological research and innovation which we believe is the driving force for the nation’s economic and sustainable growth
  • recognising, without fear of technological progress, the value of innovation, including when creating a product
  • providing sufficient financing for innovation
  • attracting investment in the Italian biotech industry, one of the few sectors where financing can yield a high possibility of returns in terms of qualified employment opportunities and the creation of added value.

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