HealthTech Innovation Days 2023 Program announced

13 September 2023 - Flagship event in the European health innovation ecosystem, organized in Paris with the support of Life Sciences Leaders

The HealthTech For Care endowment fund, aiming to promote access to care for patients, announces the program for the 5th edition of its flagship HealthTech Innovation Days (HTID®). HTID®, a conducive forum for promising European companies in the life sciences sector to accelerate their growth and bring their solutions to patients more rapidly will take place in-person on October 24th and 25th in Paris at the HealthTech Space, and on October 27th, virtual-only.

For its fifth consecutive year, HTID® has the distinguished honor of being placed under the High Patronage of Mr. Emmanuel MACRON, President of the French Republic. The event is enhanced by the involvement of eminent personalities from different European institutions:
• European Commission, DG Santé: Ms. Olga Solomon, Head of unit for medicines: policy, authorization, and monitoring
• European Commission, HERA (Health European Preparedness and Response Authority): M. Pierre Delsaux, General Director
• European Investment Fund - Mr. Alain Godard, CEO of the European Fund for Digital Sovereignty
• European Investment Bank: Ms. Dana Burduja, Head of the Life Sciences and Health Division,
• European Innovation Council (EIC): Mr. Iordanis Arzimanoglou, Head of the Health and Biotechnology Program - Mr. Enric Claverol Tinture, Head of the Medical Technologies Program
• Israel Innovation Authority: Mr. Shlomi Kofman, Vice President of the International Division.

This year, discussions will be focused on the challenges related to the competitiveness of the European healthcare industry, equal access to innovation for all, and the impact of legislative developments in Europe and the United States.

"Europe has the potential to excel across the entire life sciences value chain. This potential spans from academic research to the support and financing of startups. Although the European ecosystem is relatively young, unmistakable signs point to Europe's imminent emergence as a global healthcare power for the benefit of patient wellness.” Maryvonne Hiance, President of the HealthTech For Care endowment fund.

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The program of roundtable discussions for this 5th edition is structured around four major themes:
1. Towards a Dynamic and Stable European Health
European nations share common goals in terms of improving the quality of life and increasing life expectancy. This convergence must lead the European Union to develop a strategy to advance the "right to access healthcare for all" and address the challenges of financing and innovation, to build a healthcare Europe that serves all EU citizens and patients, including legislation adapted to European issues. Two round tables and two keynotes will address these issues:
o Making the EU a more attractive playing field today and for the future,
o Macroeconomic environment of healthcare innovation for European citizens,
o HERA Keynote with the participation of Pierre Delsaux, General Director, European Commission, HERA (Health European Preparedness and Response Authority)
o European Fund for Digital Sovereignty Keynote with the participation of Alain Godard, Chairman & Managing Director of the European Fund for Digital Sovereignty.
2. The New Frontiers of Healthcare
Innovations in oncology and in the digital realm: the metaverse is accelerating progress in all scientific areas. Four roundtables will provide an overview of the new frontiers of innovation:
o Oncology: new tools to optimize the development of therapeutic solutions, from discovery to lifecycle management,
o The virtual world in healthcare technologies, what does it bring to patients?
o Metabolic diseases: trends and financing & innovation questions,
o Non-invasive therapies: toposteric effect.
3. The Challenge of Healthcare Innovation Financing
HealthTech companies need strong financial support at every stage of their development. They rely on public funding mechanisms and a network of specialized life sciences investors that must constantly adapt to an unstable environment. Six roundtables will address financing challenges:
o Entrepreneur testimonials: how to face financial and development challenges in an uncertain context?
o Asian opportunities for healthcare technology companies in Europe (China, Japan, South Korea),
o Macroeconomic environment and financial issues: implications for healthcare innovation and citizen access,
o Strengthening the diversity of healthcare technologies, from patients to investors,
o Processes and examples of mergers and acquisitions in the healthcare sector,
o Needs of European HealthTech companies and responses from industry and sector investors
4. Placing the Patient at the Heart of Innovation:
This year, the 3rd edition of the HealthTech For Patients conference, organized by HealthTech For Care, brought together 15 international experts to discuss non-communicable diseases (NCDs), including cardiovascular diseases, to position the patient at the center of medical innovation.

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