Assobiotec is:

  • A part of Federchimica, the Italian Federation of the Chemical Industry, and of Confindustria, Italy’s principal association representing businesses in the manufacturing and service industries.
  • It is a founding member of EuropaBio, the European Association for Bioindustries, and of the ICBA, the International Council of Biotechnology Associations.
  • It is also, through Federchimica, a founding member of ALISEI, the Italian National Cluster of Life Sciences, of SPRING, the Italian National Cluster of Green Chemistry, and of BIG, the Blue Italian Growth Technology Cluster. 

Our Partners

ANBI: Assobiotec and ANBI, the National Association of Italian Biotechnologists, have been working together for several years on activities aimed at providing employment guidance for young biotechnologists, as well as on the development of BiotechJob, a project intended to encourage connections between job seekers and employers seeking to fill positions in the biotechnology sector.

Assobiotec and Bird&Bird have been working together for several years in the context of the BioInItaly Investment Forum. Thanks to the Corbelli Award, given to the start-up which stands out for having the best pitch, this international law firm offers 15 hours of free legal counsel on matters related to corporate affairs and contracts.

CNR: Assobiotec and the Italian National Research Council (CNR) have been working together on the BioTTasa project (Technology Transfer and Integration of Biotechnologies for Health, Food Supply and the Environment). The project's aim is to promote and transfer to the industrial and manufacturing sector technologies developed by CNR in the biotech field, with the joint financing of the Italian Ministry of Economic Development, as part of the RIDITT Call for Proposals.

Since 2016, ENEA has partnered with Assobiotec to collect and process the data which is published annually in the "Biotechnology Firms in Italy - Facts&Figures” report, which offers a detailed and up-to-date snapshot of the Italian biotech sector.

INNOVHUB-SSI: Assobiotec works with the Italian Biocatalysis Center and Innovhub-SSI to organize the Italian Forum on Industrial Biotechnology and BioEconomy (IFIB).

INTESA SANPAOLO: Assobiotec and Intesa Sanpaolo are the organizers of BioInItaly Investment Forum - Intesa SanPaolo Start-Up Initiatives. The purpose of the event is to create an opportunity for Italian biotech and nanobiotech firms to meet with investors from all over the world. Since 2014, Intesa Sanpaolo has also partnered with Assobiotec to jointly draft the “BioEconomy in Europe” report.

ITA (Italian Trade Agency): Assobiotec and the Italian Agency for the Promotion Abroad and Internationalisation of Italian Businesses work together every year to jointly prepare the “Italian Biotech Industry - Facts & Figures” report.

NOVARTIS: Assobiotec and Novartis Oncology have been working together for several years in the context of the BioInItaly Investment Forum. Thanks to the Novartis Award, which is given to the most promising research project or start-up in the field of oncology, the pharmaceutical company offers a trip to its Basel Campus, an internationally renowned centre for research in the field of oncology, with travel and accommodation expenses included.

Our Agreements

One of Assobiotec’s principal activities is the promotion of Italian biotechnology abroad. To this end, in recent years the Association has signed a number of Memoranda of Understanding for the representation of Italian biotechnology in strategic geographical areas.

ABBI is the Association of Brazilian Industrial Biotechnology. It represents biotech firms and institutions from various sectors of the economy and is working on a programme for the development of the BioEconomy.

ACIB GMBH is the Austrian Centre of Industrial Biotechnology. It brings together large chemical and pharmaceutical firms and small-to-medium biotech enterprises, research centres, universities, and research operations in the biotechnology field.

CLIB2021 is the Industrial Biotechnology Cluster of the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia. It brings together large chemical firms and small-to-medium biotech enterprises, research centres, universities, research operations in the biotechnology field and venture capital firms, from Germany and elsewhere.

THE MALAYSIAN BIOTECH CORPORATION is the Malaysian biotechnology agency. It is in charge of implementing the national strategic plan for the BioEconomy.

MASSBIO is the Massachusetts Biotechnology Council, a not-for-profit organisation that represents and provides services and support to the biotechnology industry in Massachusetts. It has over 640 member businesses, over 60% of which are biotech firms. 

PA BIO is the Biotechnology Association of Pennsylvania, a state with one of the most highly developed medical biotechnology sectors in the U.S. PA BIO represents over 600 enterprises, including law firms, insurance agencies and financial firms with business operations specifically related to biotechnology.

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